I have a hot take but y’all aren’t ready for it. This is a real headscratcher of an idea and I would absolutely lose followers if I said it. If I told ANYONE this controversial opinion, my friends would abandon me and then start a gofundme to demolish my home. If anybody even SUSPECTED i had this belief, being me would be declared a misdemeanor. If this take got out, the only olympic event would be killing me, and then everyone on Earth would get the gold and the olympics would be cancelled. If this got out, the governor of Maine would tell me that I had been declared the state bird, and I’d be happy at first, and then they’d tell me that the state bird had been declared legally dead. If I said what was on my mind, I would be put third on the list of people that the Pope isn’t allowed to know about.


#death tw #anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #the humour of my people #our roads may be golden or broken or lost

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