If you’re an ace who masturbates regularly, what happens if you don’t?

In the short term, I’ll be very tired all the time [link]. I’ll sleep an extra hour a day and still be exhausted. (Since masturbating takes me *less* than an hour a day†, this makes it strictly superior in terms of time, in *addition* to being more effective and more pleasant.)

In the medium term, nothing. I have a menstrual-phase-linked libido, so in general any given level of sex drive will go away if I wait a few days.

In the long term, it’s hard to distinguish the effect of not masturbating *per se* from the effect of whatever’s preventing me from masturbating. Being overwhelmingly busy is unpleasant, of course. So is ignorance of the outlets available to you: *believing* that there’s nothing you can do about sexual frustration, or that what you can do isn’t much [link].

†It’s important that I not feel rushed, so I give myself as long as I want and don’t check the time until afterward. However, “as long as I want” invariably turns out to be between 25 and 40 minutes.


#nsfw text #sexuality and lack thereof #people who can distinguish between their drive for sleep and drive for sex fascinate me #reply via reblog #is the blue I see the same as the blue you see

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