Hebrew: ‘This one verb is used to mean 10 different things, I’m an economical language like that, good luck figuring out what this verb means each time’

Also Hebrew: *Has about 8 different words meaning ‘lion’*


I feel like every single person deserves to read OP’s tags cause fuck they are accurate.

Also like…

Hebrew: every single word is heavily gendered and there are Very Strict Rules for gendering every word and number and shit

Also Hebrew: these words SOUND like they’re female words, you will gender them like female words, and you will be WRONG.

Also also Hebrew: except for knives and the sun. These two can be whatever gender you like. And everyone will argue because they’re sure only their gendering is right.


#language #nsfw text? #I didn’t actually laugh aloud but it still amused me enough to reblog

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