actuallytiffanyaching asked: How have you done so much and lived so much and you’re so young omg it inspires me but also.. hoW???? You have so many stories omg



when i was little there was a book in my house explaining that pretty much all countries but us eat bugs in some form and there was a photo of some people cooking giant grubs or caterpillars or s/t similar over a fire and it looked somehow so delicious to me and I have wanted to try one ever since.

now everything I do and everything I am and every place I travel is all in search of the Grubs.

Hey so this girl I’m dating just showed me a dish from her home country at dinner and it was The grubs. I about yelled. I told her it’s my lifelong dream to eat those grubs. Then I thought maybe that was a weird thing to tell someone but she was very supportive of my ambitions.


#anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #food #bugs #(I’m not really interested in eating caterpillars myself but crickets seem intriguing)

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