I still can’t get over the entry in the ds9 sexy firemen calendar that’s just like that one photo of putin shirtless on a horse but recreated with dukat

There’s a calendar?

xjzbdkdb no but it exists in my mind. January is just Sisko standing at a stove cooking in the Starfleet vest and undershirt with his sleeves pushed up, but it degenerates and by December it’s just Quark naked except he’s covered in ice cream

do you want to share the other months? i’d like to know

This whole project is organized by Jadzia, of course.

January: Sisko cooking, sleeves pushed up. He looks relaxed and his smile can warm your heart.

February: Weyoun??? Like five of him

March: O’Brien posing stiffly next to a replicator

April: Odo in liquid form (the only time anyone could get a picture of him)

May: Morn, at his seat in Quark’s, clothing(?) unbuttoned.

June: Bashir doing the Anaconda pose in his silver onesie

July: Captain Boday. His skull isn’t the only thing that’s transparent.

August: Rom, hiding his nsfw bits w the communist manifesto

October: Garak in lingerie (nsfw link)

September: Putin!Dukat

November: A gorn, draped sensually on black silk sheets. (Its not ds9 but whatever)

December: Quark, naked and covered in ice cream. There’s a cone on his [redacted].

I didn’t forget Worf. There’s no force in heaven or earth that could have gotten him to pose for this calendar.


#Star Trek #DS9 #anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #(”hiding his nsfw bits w the communist manifesto”) #nsfw text?

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