decided to colour and render this drawing for no other reason that I thought it’d be funny


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Star Trek – Strange New Dumb Comic #51

Had to draw something with one of my fave canon ships eventually !


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The more Jules Verne I read, the more apparent it becomes that he’s basically whatever you’d call a weeaboo but for the US and UK



The UK version is “teaboo”, idk about the US one yet






This line of conversation is leading my brain into generating puns on “weeaboo” with its spare processor cycles.

So far I think my favorite is “Shiaboo” for a foreigner obsessed with Iran and Persian culture.



I hadn’t realized that Jules Verne wasn’t British. Which I guess is your point.



#also I agree with jadagul#(holy shit he’s French)


yeah I did not know he was french

I guess I thought this was common knowledge? I mean the name “Jules Verne” doesn’t exactly scream “brit” to me, though I guess he could’ve been an Englishman from a French family or something.



The name “Jules Verne” screams “Brit” to me, entirely because it sounds like the name of the science fiction author named Jules Verne, who is obviously British. :P

Partly this, but also “Jules” feels pretty British to me. That might just be Julian Bashir’s fault, though.


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“Someone’s sending all this to Dukat, yeah?” 


Man, this was a blast to draw. With all the negativity in the world right now, just needed something fun to cheer me up. 

Based off @captaincrusher​‘s post.

To sum up, it’s never really touched on that Sisko has Dukat’s old office, and the implications of this. One of the theories thrown in was that a week after settling in, a life-sized bronze statue of Dukat shows up (after being held up in Bolian customs for three weeks), and Sisko has to sign for it. They don’t know what to do with it, so it just does the rounds of the station:

  • It ends up in the rec room for Julian and Miles to throw things at.
  • Kira gets back from a week-long mission to Bajor, finds it just inside her bedroom door. Barely misses it with her phaser. 
  • She places it just so inside the infirmary doors, so it’ll topple onto Julian when he walks in the following morning. 
  • Nog looses a bet with Jadzia, has to sneak it into Sisko’s office wearing the ‘Everybody loves me’ shirt.
  • Revenge is enacted.
  • Quark thinks it’d be a great way to fool Odo. Turns out paper plates sticky-taped on aren’t the answer.
  • It ends up at Garak’s. No one’s sure exactly how or why, but the results are beautiful. 
  • Ziyal, my poor baby. Sisko’s given her a cargo bay to decorate. 
  • At one point, O’Brien has to go on an urgent mission. For some godforsaken reason, the statue has ended up in the runabout and there’s no time to unload it. So he pilots for 54 hours straight while feeling the itch of Dukat’s soulless glare on the back of his head. 

Oh, and they might have won the war by posting all these to the… whatever the Trek equivalent of the net is. 


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Star Trek Pet Peeve explained:


 whenever the show refers to species as “humanoid” or “not humanoid” – I tend to make an assumption that it’s a universal translator thing, because why would other species also refer to themselves as humanoid???


 – Julian learns Kardasi and discovers that the Cardassians have been saying the equivalent of “Cardassian-lite” the entire time (essentially “like Cardassians, but worse” folded into one word)

– Benjamin realises that Bajorans call non-Bajoran bipedal beings the “acceptably unfaithful” (it sounds better in Bajoran)

– Klingons say “weaker than Klingons.” B’Elanna takes offence, Worf is like “this is reasonable” (B’Elanna and Worf arguing Klingon linguistics based on their own relationships to tho)

– Betazoids and Vulcans independently of one another coming to the conclusion that they’ll call the other species “the talkies” (Betazoids for obvious reasons, Vulcans because humans just talk too much for no reason???)

– Dax once told Benjamin that the Trill phrase is roughly the same as “why don’t they have spots?” based on the alleged first words uttered when they encountered spotless species

– Ferengi call other species “fools.” Occasionally also “tall.”


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