starfleet medical’s proudest moment

this man won medical awards


#Star Trek #DS9 #it’s so weird to me that Odo never tried to get more information on how his own body works out of the Founders #not even before he knew they were evil #like #to name the most blatant example #if you’ve spent your whole memory-span among beings with lifespans of 1 – 2 centuries or so #and you finally meet a member of your own species #and she greets you with ”oh you’re early we weren’t expecting you for another 300 years” #would you not then *immediately* ask about your life expectancy? #like I get that there’s a zillion questions to ask but #I feel like that would be near the top of my list in general and *especially* after she says that #but he doesn’t ask about his life expectancy at *all* during that visit! #not even off-screen! #(we know this because he *does* ask on-screen *years later*!) #((the answer is live-until-killed by the way)) #tag rambles #death tw

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