Charoite Sphere – Aldan Shield, Sakha Republic, Eastern Siberian Region, Russia

That is clearly a cabbage. I’m not joking: I thought this was a cabbage at first.

*Googles “purple cabbage”*

FUCK you’re right

Well fuck this thing then! And thanks for reporting it!

Damn, Evo beat me to it.

In my case, my first thought was not “ah, a cabbage” but “wow, that rock really does look *exactly* like cabbage; I’m glad someone reported it to Anomaly”.

And then I scrolled down and it *wasn’t* a food/[pretty rock] binary post, and I was confused.


#reply via reblog #(note for followers: yelling about how terrible it is when rocks look like food is a running joke on Anomaly’s blog) #food #(but not really)

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