This draft’s original set of tags (here left intact) refers to late January 2014 as being nearly three years ago, so that gives you an idea of when it was written.

“Even if the risks are small, they are not justified when the evidence indicates no benefit.”

Steven Novella, on acupuncture

–Also me, on fluid exchange


#if I ask myself ”Is kissing this person worth the risk of oral herpes?” #and conclude ”no” #this doesn’t mean that the value I place on not having herpes is too high #it just means the value I place on kissing them is very low #such that even the slightest downside is enough to outweigh it #(I mean I *am* somewhat germophobic and *do* place significant value on not having herpes) #(but I think I would be pretty cautious about who I spit-bond with even if I weren’t germophobic) #(I would still have a mild incentive to be cautious and no incentive *not* to be cautious) #((I suppose non-germophobic!me would have to be less desperate in order to accept a shared water bottle)) #((but that’s about it)) #oh look an original post #tag rambles #illness tw? #asexuality #((yes that post I linked is nearly three years old)) #((I’ve had it sitting around in my quote file for just such an occasion))

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