Japanese Sumo robots



this is the funniest gif i’ve seen all week what the fuck is going on



the best part is this isn’t even HALF the relentless bullshit insanity that goes on in robot sumo wrestling, a sport where the contestants are all hyperfast robots with scoop attachments and preprogrammed moves. 

Baby Beyblade

(this one wants to be a beyblade when it grows up)

the idea is to include as many unique moves as you can, to make your shrieking deathbot difficult to counter


or dodging. that works too.

also, some of the speed demons have… unorthodox attachments to fool other bot’s sensors

Wings Motherfucker


robot sumo is also a sport where spectators may end up taking a small robot to the shins if they aren’t careful.



I hope you enjoyed our foray into madness!






Y’all. Looking at professionally made sumo robots is great. You know what’s better though? Looking at extremely UNprofessionally made sumo robots.

Here enjoy.


#anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #(the dodging) #reminds me of a show I used to watch when I was a kid #what it was called #the one narrated by Craig Charles #*looks it up* #Robot Wars #that show was fun #I’m glad it was narrated by Craig Charles #(if it weren’t for recognising his voice we wouldn’t have stopped on that channel long enough to watch it our first time) #may or may not have reblogged this before

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