People who don’t want to read The Martian in case the science is too complicated should be informed that it contains the lines “The best way to store the ingredients of water is to make them be water”, “It is of course dangerous to set off an explosive device on a spacecraft”, and “If I cut a hole in the wall of the hab, the air won’t stay inside any more”.

I love this fucking book

“I’ve said the words kilowatt-hours-per-sol so many times they’ve lost all meaning so I’m going to call them pirate-ninjas.

“So I need to generate nine hundred pirate-ninjas…”

there’s an entire chapter dedicated to him wondering how the cubs are doing while he’s stuck on mars, dying

I like the part where the guys on Earth are like “He thinks we all gave up on him, and that he’s completely alone. I wonder what he’s thinking about right now.”

And he’s like “How come Aquaman can control whales?”


#The Martian #anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #huh maybe I should read this book #(though my to-read list is way too long as it is so I don’t seriously expect to get around to it) #death mention #(which is related to the previous post actually) #(I tag very strictly and consistently for death) #(because I determine whether to tag for it using my seven-year-old self as a model) #(and seven-year-old me was extremely sensitive to even the slightest mention of death)

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