[status: reasonably knowledgeable about menial Internet labour, very slightly knowledgeable about cryptocurrency]

Trying to figure out if there are any better ways to sell my computers’ processing power than what I’m already doing, and I keep hearing mentions of cryptocurrency mining but also people saying it’s not worth the electricity it’s printed on except in edge cases.

Are there any cases where mining pays more per hour (after subtracting electricity cost) than running advertisement videos in the background* without investing four-digit quantities of money into high-end equipment**, or are the benefits of mining just privacy principles, (possibly?) slightly less maintenance required to keep it running, and high scaleability?

(Or even just a matter of different social circles? Like, the “techies who are into security” know about cryptocurrency mining but not ad videos, and the “housespouses who are into frugality” know about ad videos but not cryptocurrency mining, and there isn’t enough intermixture for both to be common knowledge?)

((…if the only reason you weren’t running ad videos for spare change is because you didn’t know that was a thing, hit me up and I’ll teach you))

*Laptop: ~3 – 5 cents per hour, for 10W (if I was going to have the laptop on anyway) or 25W (if I wasn’t). (so, roughly a tenth of a cent, give or take) Smartphones pay more per active hour (~15c) for *presumably* less electricity (haven’t tested my smartphone’s power usage), but usually have a daily cap, so you can only get a few active hours per day.

**Empirically, I’m willing to invest roughly a hundred dollars into more equipment to run paid processing with, and only after I’ve had a chance to test the task out at smaller scales to make sure it works well. (And I’m more willing if I can buy the stuff off of Amazon, since I continue to have more Amazon credit than I know what to do with.)


#there are enough techies-who-are-into-security amongst my followers that someone might know #oh look an original post #adventures in human capitalism

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