Any advice on how to break the “depressed because I can’t get a job, can’t get a job because I’m depressed” cycle?

(…any advice on how to convince a depressed third party to actually *take* the advice from the first question?)


#oh look an original post #you would think given that damn near everyone I know is or has been depressed #I would be better at dealing with depressed people #but…it’s hard to phrase this in a way that doesn’t sound bad #I don’t mean it in a bad way #but while I *like* my friends and I do want them to do well #the harm done to *me* by stuff ruining *their* lives is indirect at most #and that gives me enough distance from the problem to be understanding and stuff #Dad’s inability to let go of the idea of being The Provider and settle for merely contributing to a shared pool of income #(and therefore refusing to even apply for jobs that would ~merely~ let him pull his own weight rather than pulling *four* people’s weight) #is *directly* making it harder for me to afford my necessities #(or rather is failing to lengthen the amount of time left before affording my necessities becomes abruptly very difficult) #((I suppose the nuclear-war analogy has *some* truth to it but I still think the global-warming analogy is more adaptive)) #((and likely closer overall)) #tag rambles #venting #(the tag-ramble part) #(but no really if you have any advice please let me know) #adventures in human capitalism

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