What do you think about arousal?


Ace/grace/demi respondents only, please!

[Asexual Activities Open Question Weekend! | Audience Participation!]

I think it’s neat that I can still cause physical responses by thinking, even in something I don’t have direct motor control over. I think there’s always a certain comfort in doing something you expect to cause X response and having X response happen, the satisfaction of a correct prediction.

I do not think that arousal is inherently pleasant. (It generally doesn’t bother me, but I don’t enjoy it except in the more abstract ways described above.) I find it odd that other people talk about arousal as if it were pleasant in itself.

I note that fantasies and (especially) words can arouse me, but actions don’t. Doing non-verbal sexual things can be sexually satisfying, but it is not arousing. (Probably for the best, as it might get distracting.)


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