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I just submitted my term paper

I have never written an academic-style term paper before

(except maybe the geology course project? depending on definition? but also I failed the geology course project so let’s not use that comparison shall we)

I wouldn’t be so concerned except if you fail this assignment it’s an automatic fail for the course

okay, okay, I just need 50%, that’s all I need

and 20% of the assignment grade is a short-answer section, which I have historically done really well on, so that’s probably like 18 percentage points right there



#I still need to do some more studying for my exam next week #I’m glad I started studying in the evenings a couple weeks ago #because otherwise there’s no way I could revise 700 pages #like 60% of the exam grade is multiple-choice and another 30% is short-answer #so that’s probably hopefully going to be pleasantly anticlimactic #(I mean it’s closed-book time-limited short-answer) #(so significantly harder than the other short-answer sections) #(but on the other hand they tend to grade exam writing more generously) #(because they’re thinking in terms of What You Could Reasonably Have Accomplished Under the Circumstances) #adventures in University Land #oh look an original post

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