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I like having long hair. I can see the ends vibrate with my pulse.

Wait, really?

*leans over arm of couch, watches waist-length hair dangle*

Huh. It does vibrate. Not sure whether it’s in time with my pulse.

My hair extends down to just below my shoulder blades. When I move it so that it cascades over my right shoulder, any tips that are not in contact with my body vibrate with my pulse. And (obviously) when I vibrate my head.

I think the ends were picking it up from blood flowing through my neck.

Depending on how you are leaning, I may be suprised. Is your hair in contact with your neck? Can you feel your pulse and see if the rates sync up?

Also. You have waist-length hair! I suddenly would like to braid your hair. And pet it and play with it.

[ Point of information: I am *human*. ]

The hair I was watching wasn’t in contact with my neck during the test. I had my hand pressed against my heart to check the pulse. Since I just washed my hair (after making the first post), and it’s now both lying flatter against my body and weighed down with water, I should probably wait before testing over-the-shoulder.

I’ve had hair going to slightly below my waist since before I even reached my adult height. There was a while in my pre- and early-teens where my hair length grew more or less proportionally to the rest of me, and it stabilised around the same time. (This is one of my favourite things about having long hair. The hair length of most short-haired people is always changing, and every so often they have to go out of their way to prevent it from going too far past their desired length. Mine just stays as it is, and has for over a decade. I like that stability.)

I am not in the San Francisco Gravitational Field (I’m in Ontario, and not the one in California), but if we’re ever together, there can probably be hair-playing.

(Mom–who has just-above-shoulder-length hair, and is the reason I thought to put a “most” qualifier on shorter-haired people not having stable hair length–asks to braid/play with my hair sometimes. I’m not sure what the big deal is, but I might just be spoiled by having access to long hair all the time.)


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