Happy Canada Day!

This maple leaf pin (picture of moose quarter for scale) was given to me by the Canadian government as a citizenship gift.

This was my third Canada Day as a citizen, and my ninth as a resident. I had a pretty quiet day today: I didn’t go to any parties, I didn’t watch the fireworks (they’re too loud, and I’m not much into pretty things). But I ate strawberry shortcake for dessert (family tradition; it’s red and white, you see), and I wore my pin, and I remembered my oath.

I swear

That I will be faithful

And bear true allegiance

To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second

Queen of Canada

Her heirs and successors

And that I will faithfully observe

The laws of Canada

And fulfil my duties

As a Canadian citizen.


#our home and cherished land #oh look an original post #food mention

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