The Orb of the Emissary


The Baseball of the Emissary as an important religious icon

–baseball game is how he explains linear time to the Prophets
–how he bonds with his son and his crew, also Kasidy on their first date
–always playing with it when he makes important decisions etc
–probably there’s something meaningful with Buck Bokai? I try to forget that episode.
–leaves it on the station so Dukat knows he’s coming back
–takes it with him to New Orleans when he didn’t know he’s coming back :-(
–rolls off the piano!! how the Prophets regain communication with him!!
–ezri throws it and that’s where he starts digging on Tyree!!

I assume when he’s dead/gone from this time-space (I haven’t seen the last episodes but know vague spoilers), the Bajorans keep the baseball as a Sacred Memento, if not the new improved Orb of the Emissary. People pray to it and hope the Emissary can intercede with the Prophets on their behalf, etc. Bajorans play games of baseball, not for entertainment necessarily, but on the Day of the Emissary in order to contemplate their linear existence and honor the end of the Dominion Wars and all that The Sisko brought to them.

Baseball games as ritual, baseballs as relics. Baseball space religion.


#Star Trek #DS9

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