@justice-turtle, saw this and thought of you.

(Sorry about cutting the leftmost bit off. This was on a high shelf (meaning I couldn’t see what I was doing and have a decent camera angle at the same time) and I was in a bit of a hurry.)

(For the curious, this rock is part of a geology exhibit at the Ecotarium museum in Worcester, Massachusetts. I went there in late November while visiting relatives over Thanksgiving weekend.)


#it’s pretty and local #this took me significantly more than five minutes here in Tuesday #though most of trouble was digging through your blog trying to figure out whether your location was public knowledge #(I couldn’t remember whether you’d limited it to friends-locked posts) #(in which case I ought to maintain the secret) #(but no I found some public posts mentioning it) #oh look an original post #geology #(bonus fun fact: Worcester is pronounced approximately ‘WUH-ster’) #(like ‘Worcestershire sauce’ but without the ‘-shire’) #(the following category tag was added retroactively:) #Happy Valentine’s Day from an aromantic asexual

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