some classics valentine’s day poems




roses are red

wine-dark is the sea

my boyfriend is dead

time for a killing spree


roses are red

a hue like no other

you know, valentine,

you’re just like my mother?


my girl’s eyes are swollen

her sparrow is dead

but is that just a metaphor

for my dick instead?


roses are red

space is black like a void

who cares about love

Carthage must be destroyed


Roses are red

like bitter regret 

I’m god of the ocean 

let me make you wet ;)


My wife is at home

but babe, let’s forget her; 

I’ll show you a good time

‘cause Nobody’s better


Roses are red

violets are red 

everything is red 

I love war


Roses are red

but I haven’t got any

all of my lovers

have turned into botany


I’ve bought you some roses

‘cause babe, I’m a giver

say you’ll be mine

I’ll really de-liver


Roses are red

violets are blue

shit, Hera’s coming – 


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New Horizons Spacecraft Displays Pluto’s Big Heart

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New Horizons Displays Pluto's Big Heart}}


Happy Valentine’s Day from Pluto! <3

It’s Pluto’s first one since we visited! :D


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@justice-turtle, saw this and thought of you.

(Sorry about cutting the leftmost bit off. This was on a high shelf (meaning I couldn’t see what I was doing and have a decent camera angle at the same time) and I was in a bit of a hurry.)

(For the curious, this rock is part of a geology exhibit at the Ecotarium museum in Worcester, Massachusetts. I went there in late November while visiting relatives over Thanksgiving weekend.)


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let’s stop seeing sex as the biggest thing you can do to show someone you love them

everyone knows that the real way to show someone you love them is to find them a really cool rock. not a diamond. just a neat rock that you think they will enjoy

honestly ? you’re so right



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Valentine’s Day is really pissing me off this year, and it’s not for a reason I’ve seen articulated anywhere.

See, I would love to get in on that. It’s like — there’s a day that’s specifically for appreciating people and telling them how much they mean to you, right? I want to be all over that. I want to send you all messages full of giant hugs (or your preferred expression of caring and support) and, like, just scatter happiness everywhere.

But it’s also a day for celebrating romance and mono-love, and I… I feel like I’m gonna come across wrong if I try to co-opt it for my own little aro poly friendlove celebration. But I really want to… to join in the love-sharing energy everybody’s goddamn blasting across my dash and my life this time of year, and I’m scared to, and that makes me fucking cranky. :P

I, for one, am totally in favour of broadening the scope of Valentine’s Day. Or rather, bringing the broadened scope I was raised with to the rest of society.

(As for seeing it articulated, I swear I saw people talking about this on the Asexual Agenda a couple years ago, but now I can’t find it.)


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