Series 4 – Silence in the Library

Really? Really?

I’m not going to blame this Doctor for the travesty that was “The Bells of St. John” because it hasn’t happened to him yet, but this is after “Rise of the Cybermen”/“The Age of Steel”, which is basically composed entirely of pro-death propaganda.

If he really thinks it’s better to live in a machine than to die, what about Sally Phelan? He killed her because he couldn’t bear the thought of living in a robot body, without ever asking her what she thought. In that moment, among others, he accepted that everybody dies. Worse than accepted, he hastened her death, and arranged the other Cybermen’s mind-restorations to occur in a manner maximally likely to cause them to die from the shock. Heaven forbid that any of them even try to cope with what had been done to them. Heaven forbid that any of them even begin to accept that they don’t have to die.

Evil is sticking people into robot bodies without permission. Arrogance is thinking that if they had asked, nobody would have said “yes”.

(And frankly, I think a lot of the over-the-top evil* of Cybus was to tar the bits of good ideas buried in there by association, but that’s a more Doylistic concern than what I was going for above.)

*You’re going to mind-control people into not fighting back when you force surgery on them, but you’re not going to mind-control them into not feeling the pain of the surgery, nor are you going to anaesthetise them the mundane way?


#Doctor Who #transhumanism #rants #this is a written form of the yelling-at-the-screen I did when Mom’s New Who rewatch reached the Cybermen

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