What Universal Human Experiences Are You Missing Without Realizing It?

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It took me approximately forever to find out I was faceblind.
In retrospect, the incident with telling someone she looked like Evil Galadriel from the FotR movie and having everyone including her deny it…makes a lot more sense.

#prosopagnosia  #that is such a boring tag; does anyone have more interesting suggestions?

“You humans all look alike to me”?

(I was thirteen myself. Since autism and prosopagnosia are often found together, when I started reading autism neurodiversity blogs it came up early and often. I was occasionally confused as a kid when others could not only tell people with the same hair colour and style apart, but expected me to do the same.)

As for the article, I do wonder what experiences I might be missing. I have gradually figured out over the course of my life that my emotional range is non-standard: I appear to be missing awe entirely, I don’t feel limerence but I do feel perseveration* (which I’m told is both a similar feeling and one that most people lack), I have most** of the sex-related emotions but in such a way as to make them nearly unrecognisable (so I’m missing out on other people’s experiences of them, but everyone else is missing out on mine), my mother says that she experiences frustration as an emotion all its own rather than a sub-type of anger so apparently that’s a thing. (There might still be other emotional divergences I don’t know about yet.) I don’t know what thorns sound like (though I do know what eths sound like). I’m not entirely convinced that sour and bitter are actually separate flavours to me; I’ve been meaning to investigate that further. There’s probably others I don’t even suspect.

*Well, I did, and I still could if I allowed myself. The beginning stages are so unpleasant that once I figured out how to nip it in the bud (also age thirteen, as it happens), the temptation to do so was overwhelming.

**I don’t seem to have anything even resembling “looking at someone and wanting to fuck them”, not counting extenuating circumstances like the person being in a sexually suggestive pose.


#is the blue I see the same as the blue you see #’I’m missing out on everyone else’s experiences of sexuality but everyone else is missing out on mine’ #is why my kink tag is ‘sexuality and lack thereof’ #which (tying in with Nate’s tag) is one of my few tags that isn’t completely obvious #I think that and the country tags for my countries of citizenship #(‘our home and cherished land’ and ‘home of the brave’) #are pretty much it #the wondrous variety of sapient life #(well maybe that’s also non-obvious but it’s actually *supposed* to be vague) #(the following category tag was added retroactively:) #reply via reblog

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