Just imagine all the normal people working or living on ds9 when main plot shit happens. They are just enjoying an evening at Quark’s when THE DOMINION IS TAKING OVER THE STATION, EVERYONE EVACUATE or reading a book when THE WHOLE STATION IS LITERALLY FALLING APART or sipping on raktajino when INTERSTELLAR WAR how do you even deal with that


#Star Trek #DS9 #probably the same way you deal with tsunamis and wildfires and ice storms #every place has got its hazards #though they *really* need better evacuation plans #I was watching ‘The Siege’ yesterday and they were trying to cram everyone into three runabouts #knowing there was no way they were *all* going to fit #maybe somehow other cultures managed to avoid learning the hard way why not having enough lifeboats is a bad idea #but the humans should have taken one look at that set-up when they first got there #flashed back to every time they ever learned about the Titanic #and insisted they get enough ships to evacuate everyone ASAP #(where ASAP is *less* than a year) #tag rambles

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