well overall Frontier in Space is strong, wasn’t expecting the Cliffhanger. And looking at the BBC episode guide for the next episode just look at how fabulous the Doctor looks in Planet of the Daleks


I think this sums up Pertwee’s run on the series nicely.

And I’m sad now because this was Roger Delgado’s last appearance on the series as the Master!

I believe in never missing an opportunity to tell this story about Roger Delgado, because it’s both one of the sweetest and one of the most trolly things I’ve ever heard of:

During his time as the Master, Delgado would sometimes find that when he was out and about doing ordinary things, like grocery shopping or waiting in a queue at the post office, he would feel someone’s stare boring into him. At about mid-thigh level. And he would look around unobtrusively, and there would be a little kid, usually standing behind its mother’s legs and holding onto a handful of her skirt for safety. Staring at him with the greatest suspicion and concern. Was it him? In their town? What the hell was he up to? Should they do something?

And Delgado would gaze back, give them a small, vulpine smile, and softly say ‘Yes, it’s the Master, small child.’

And there would be a little sharp intake of breath and the kid would disappear entirely behind Mum’s legs.

He always enjoyed thinking of the little thrill of pure terror and wonder he had thrown into their lives – and after all, no permanent psychological harm was done, since after a few days when the world wasn’t destroyed, they would have concluded that the Doctor turned up and discreetly took care of things, so everything was all right.

And, at least until they grew up enough to realise that they’d just seen an actor and he was having a bit of fun with them, they got to believe, no, to know for certain that everything they saw on Doctor Who was true.



#Doctor Who #anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #(though I feel a little bad about it)

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