Age in Fandom: A Survey!

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Hi tumblr fandom people! Do you like surveys? If so, this post is for you! 

Having gone from being fannish on LJ to fannish on tumblr, I have noticed that the average age seems a bit lower here. Most people I knew in fandom in my LJ days were in their early 20s, which does not seem to be the case on tumblr. But that is only my observation—and this is where the survey comes in. FOR SCIENCE! Well, for my own curiosity, mostly, but for science too. 

The instructions are simple: if you consider yourself in a fandom (in any capacity, whether or not you create your own content), click the link above, enter your age and click done. Congratulations, you are now helping people to better understand the demographics of fandom. And once I get a decent amount of responses, I will post shiny graphs and so forth. 

Please reblog if possible, also, it will help get a bigger sample size!


#fandom #interesting

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