a romcom where the main character has prosopagnosia and has no idea they’ve been wooing the same person for months b/c the other character keeps changing their clothes and hairstyle

#i promise it would be great #but uh probably only … to people who don’t …….. yeah #i don’t know how this would play out to people who can recognize faces lmao #actually the likelihood it would confuse and piss of people without stupid visual agnosias like #makes it better tbh 

Have you heard of Faces in the Crowd? (Note: I haven’t actually seen it, just read about it.) I read some of the IMDB reviews a while back: many of the non-prosos thought it was neat how they portrayed it by having several similar-looking-but-different actors play each part, and the prosos were like “wait, they what now?”.

Similarly, I expect a movie like that would play out better to people with normal facial recognition, both because they are more likely to notice that anything strange is going on at all and because cringe comedy is worse if there’s a layer of “it could happen to you”. (Or would that actually make it better for someone already inclined to like cringe comedy? I wouldn’t know.)


#prosopagnosia #reply via reblog

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