now you know how people with glasses see.

WOAH is this how it really is?


This is my life. Am tempted to get laser surgery down the road.

Pretty much, yep. Though you learn to focus on the bit in the middle (sometimes to the detriment of peripheral vision). 

I haven’t needed new glasses in…oh, at least six or seven years. But back when my vision was actively deteriorating and I was replacing my glasses* regularly, I always insisted (and still would) on buying the largest lenses they had. Why anyone with inferior-in-all-respects unassisted vision would do otherwise**, I don’t know. Get large lenses and wear them as far up the nose as they can go and you cover almost your entire field of vision. Only my peripherals remain at -5.5, and I get the impression peripherals are supposed to be blurry anyway. And you don’t even have to attempt to cope with contacts.

*It was usually cheaper to replace the whole thing than to change out the lenses, plus my head was still growing.

**And clearly a lot of them do, since the glasses in the store are overwhelmingly small- or medium-lensed.



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