So many fandoms on my dash seem to have a version of this guy these days. Whether it’s Robb Stark or Will Graham or whoever, it plays silly buggers with my prosopagnosia. Erryone, get to drooling over a greater variety of people!


#prosopagnosia #so I saw this post a while back and I wasn’t going to reblog it #but this morning I was thinking about Will Graham and Q #I have never watched either of them #but I’ve seen enough pictures to get rather annoyed at their identicalness #and the thought occurred to me #that Hannibal is actually a false show existing only through its quote-unquote fandom a la Squiddles #and the way Will looks suspiciously like a character with readily-available GIF-making material #and very little like his supposed actor #is part of the joke #in which case #congratulations guys you’ve done a brilliant job #I was totally convinced #the IMDB pages were a nice touch #a bit rudimentary but that’s obviously to be expected from a show that doesn’t really exist #tag rambles #(P.S. I believe Skyfall exists because I don’t think you people are powerful enough to get signs up in all the theatres)

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