Click on it twice. These are your two super powers.

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Noble Elven Physiology & Alternative Dream Universe

Health Optimization and Enhanced Boomerangsmanship

enhanced horsemanship and inner beast

Trickster and Perfection

shit. yes. sign me up

Clairempathy and Parachronal Cognition.

See TVTropes: Blessed With Suck, Cursed With Awesome

Bulletproof Durability and Virtue Inducement

okay, I’m a morality pet and meatshield? that doesn’t sound too bad actually

Bionic Physiology and Micro-Oxygen Manipulation.

I judge the “micro” part on scientific grounds, but manipulating atoms of oxygen is POSSIBLY THE COOLEST POWER EVER. Certainly the most versatile, up there with shapeshifting (I am incorrigibily fond of shapeshifting), and definitely so much more useful than ferromagnetic metals. MAKE WAY MAGNETO, I’M COMIN’ THROUGH.

(Although the bionic physiology could be a problem if I was straight-up fighting Magneto. Still and all, I’d rather like to be a cyborg, especially if whoever did it could fix some of my health issues and make me look more masculine. :D)

Inhuman Nature (I laughed aloud when I saw this; it’s just so perfect) and Enhanced Chakram Skill (…okay, sure).



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