Say it out loud, you’ll get it.


blue: So this piece you’re writing.
me: Mm.
blue: It’s a series of vignettes?
me: Mmhmm.
blue: Like, a lot of vignettes?
me: Yup.
blue: Would. Would you call it an entire vineyard of vignettes.
me: …
blue: :D?
me: …
blue: What!
me: …
me: I’m putting this on the internet.


*goes to Wiktionary*

*listens to pronunciation example*

Oh god I’ve been pronouncing “vignette” wrong all this time why did nobody tell me.


#vignette #pronunciation #this is what happens when you get most of your vocabulary from reading #I thought I’d pretty much figured talking out by now as much as that’s possible #but no #(the following category tag was added retroactively:) #language

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