Oh man, that is soooo true. Damn it NS! They were pretty apologetic about the whole thing too and said that there was probably a way I could get the money back once I had a new sticker on my card. Speaking of I should probably call my mom just to harass her about that…

It’s not perfect, though. I’m unhappy at the knowledge that without student insurance my anti-depressants might cost a metric shitload. Like, what if I’m on them for the rest of my life? I’m going to spend thousands of dollars throughout my lifetime if that’s the case. For what? It’s like a much bigger, more daunting, more scary version of women having to buy tampons, a money based punishment for happening to be ill. (I hope I can eventually get off the drugs eventually just for that reason augh.)

[… ]

Re: healthcare, I’m starting to wonder about it from trips to the UK (british partner) and knowing people there. It seems good if you’re mostly healthy, but healthcare also includes doing things to ensure the person can take care of themself. The UK is apparently cutting a lot of disability benefits and limiting who deserves what to nonsensical standards. The US still sucks, but for the people who have the greatest need for healthcare, it seems like lots of other places suck as well.

Re: The race thing… I honestly feel pretty embarassed right now ahahaha. My apologies to anyone reading along who deserves said apology… I should really know better. u.u;

Healthcare: What grosses me out is that I’ve read a lot of stuff from people who live in Ontario about how there’s a bunch of things being slowly cut from the list of stuff that’s covered. Also been reading about how Canada will actually sometimes refuse to cover previously existing conditions that immigrants have on the offchance that those immigrants are moving soley to take advantage of the healthcare system. Which is incredibly disgusting, given that if those people move to take advantage of the healthcare system *and then get better like they should given that they are taking care of their health by moving*, they will then start to be productive citizens in our country.

Not to mention that if you’re more concerned about catching fraud than you are about making sure that nobody falls through the cracks, you are a shitty, shitty person.

I found out (well, was reminded) today that we do not accept people with HIV/AIDS to immigrate to Canada … it’s kinda sad, really. There is definitely room to grow in the Canadian government department… apparently, if you are not with the Conservatives, you are with the Child Pornographers… I question the world I live in right now.

Oh my *GOD* do you see why I think that contempt and disdain are things that need to be used in this kind of discourse? Because that is the stupidest shit I have ever fucking seen holy shit.

If I understand it correctly*, my family got in on a technicality. We didn’t officially know Mom had cancer until the day after our preparatory health exam, so they weren’t allowed to take it into consideration. (Mind you, the delay before actually moving was long enough that almost all of the treatment was over anyway.)

It’s scary to think how much would be different if the timing was off by just one day.

(This was in 2007, if you were wondering.)

*I was thirteen; there was almost certainly stuff happening I wasn’t let in on.


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