My best (that I feel good about) clothes for tumblr prom :S hi


– Leon

Hi! You look very nice. I want to hug you.

– Milo

HOLY FUCK! You got some fucking amazing hair. You kinda remind me of Snake dude. Except he don’t have glasses, and he’s missing an eye and his skin is darker and dirty and… fuck it. Your HAIR! reminds me of Snake hair. Which is a good thing. I fucking like you hair. How tall are you. Are you like a fucking giant? There’s too many fucking giants in my life I swear I need fucking stilts to talk to people. Well not when I’m wearing Leon’s body I guess. Leon ain’t that short. I’m gonna start carrying a crate around and I will stand on it whenever I got to talk to people and then I will be TALLER! and I will laugh at everyone and their shortness. Except Snake. Dude would like cut my feet off in my sleep or just steal my crate. Then I’d be condemned to being short again. Fuck. I will find a fucking crate I will.

You got awesome hair dust fucker so there.

– Poysin

(well look at that you got three messages… or two messages and a ramble. Sorry about that. I love you dude. GO TUMBLR PROM!)

lol thanks guys :P and i’m between 5’11’ and 6’1” (my hight changes based on my posture or weight haha)

thanks for the compliments :P

ya know if ya wanna see more, poysin, i have a link to all my pics on my page XD

*hugs for milo!* no need to ask for you!

*hugs for all?*

aghdsgjsbdfkmk thank you :3

Fucking giant. I hate being short. You’re not as tall as Snake but you are still way too fucking tall. I could fucking climb you like a tree (was that dirty, I feel like that was dirty but I’m not good at picking up on this shit – Leon It was’t supposed to be! – Poysin) Giant. You’re a giant. This is why I need a crate, to be taller than guys like you and laugh from my lofty position while you are finally short. Fucker. But you have cool as fuck hair. It’s amazing. I wanna play with you hair all the time. Come here right now!

– Poysin

*hugs*I love hugs. Even hugs over the internet.

– Milo

*EPIC HUGS OF EPIC FOREVER!* You’re cute dude why are you so cute!?

– Leon

I will squeeze the life outa you dust fucker. I will squeeze you into shortness with my hug.

– Poysin

(just as a note, this is totally Poysin being affectionate/kind/nice I swear. – Leon)

god, i love you lot :) and it could be ‘dirty’ if ya want, poysin ;P

COME OVER HERE THEN!!!!! :( its warmer here too and more fun..


oh and poysin, challenge accepted :P

how am i cute tho?? D:

Ha! I like you dude. I take that back. It was intentional. It wasn’t really but you pretend, k dust fucker. And I will so win this challenge. I may me a small little fucker and I may be in a body with boobs and no actual strength (fuck you – Leon) and only a little extra height but I will squeeze you into shortness. I know how to do that kinda shit. You don’t mess with me dust fucker ‘cause I will win.

I like you dude. You’re fucking awesome. And you have a great smile. We should get a bike (translation – motorcycle… which by the way you need a license for that shit asshole and I don’t have one of those – Leon) and like fucking rip through the dessert. I bet your hair would just woosh. There are deserts here. Not where Leon is but here like, somewhere on earth. I wanna fucking see them. Leon showed me pictures. Shit GROWS! out there. Fucking weird as hell. Growing shit in all that sand and dirt. Nothing grows in our deserts dude. Nothing.

I should come to you. Shit’s cold over here. I hate the fucking cold.

– Poysin

YOU’RE EXISTENCE IS THE EPITOME OF ADORABLE! Just fucking everything about you. The fact that you’re attending a prom style event in a hoodie (it looks like a hoodie) adds to this fact (that’s so what I would do). Plus you make Milo smile all the time. AND YOU HAVE FACIAL HAIR! (so jealous, so very, very jealous).

– Leon

I might wear a tie to a prom style event. Ties are nice. I can’t tie one though. Hm. I second Leon’s sentiment though. You’re also very huggable, which is also cute.

– Milo

There’s a homeschool prom here next spring. Underwater themed. I wanted to go in a stingray costume, but then I found out it’s being run by a bunch of fundies with hyper-strict dress codes. It’s possible I could cobble together a manta that fits the code (“you didn’t say I couldn’t have a tail”), but they also have mandatory dancing (and I don’t think birdie hop* counts). Shame. I was just warming up to the idea of a prom, and they go and ruin it.

*You jump up and down flapping your arms. Great fun, if you don’t mind everyone else looking at you like you’ve grown a third leg.

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