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I don’t care what Islam says, Allah will understand when I get an Epidural. Don’t even think I’d go “all natural” on that.

Becca swelled up like a toad frog — everyone thought she would have twins.

And I already sleep on my side, so, it’s okay.


[more menstrual stuff]

You vomit? Yikes. The more I hear about other people’s menstrual problems, the luckier I feel. Even at its worst, it’s not bad to the point of incapacitation: a bit of acne here*, a bit of chocolate craving there, bit of cramping here and there**, mildly enhanced anger which doesn’t even get an opportunity to happen most cycles with my wonderfully un-stressful life. And none of those happen reliably every time: there have been months when the only thing my reproductive organs inflicted on me was the bleeding***.

*According to Mom anyway. It just looks like ordinary adolescent stuff to me.

**Mom thinks I’m lucky because I can tell when I’m ovulating by the secondary cramps. Not seeing how it’s worth even relatively minor pain.

***Which is annoying all on its own. Especially when you’re scheduled for a swim class or a road trip on a heavy-flow day and internal-use stuff squicks you. (I just have to suck it up and use the tampons when that happens.)


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