‪**Walking some place that we’ve never been**‬

‪8yo: “I’ve seen this before.”‬


‪8yo: “You know how sometimes you go to sleep and you see things in your dreams and then later on you see them for real? Like that.”‬

‪Me, quietly terrified: “Umm oh yeah! That’s called ‘Deja Vu’! Great!”‬



I have this too, and like a bunch of the other people who say they have this in the notes have described: it’s like…less prophetic full fledged dreams and more like a 2second snapshot of you doing an activity with no context. Like cutting paper then looking up or opening your purse with specific scenery in the background. Then you wake up and you’re like “what was that pointless dream scene.” Then later (sometimes weeks or months later), when you’re doing The Thing you’re like “oh”






Good morning all you That So Raven sons o guns



…I thought this happened to everyone? Is it really so unusual?



It’s never happened to me quite that way (although I did once have a dream that a lost checker was behind a desk, where I then found it the next morning), but my younger sisters both had these, one of them quite a bit. Brains are weird as fuck and we don’t understand them.

I once read an article about “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang (here’s the article, and coincidentally enough it’s by the guy who was the subject of my previous post), in which the article-writer pointed out that it’s really quite simple to make an entity that remembers the future. All you have to do is take their subconscious guess as to what the future is going to be, and have their conscious mind remember this prediction as fact; then, quietly edit their memories of the *past* continuously/as-necessary, so that at any given time they *don’t remember ever having been wrong* about what the future was going to be.

My precognitive events–such as they are; it’s rather less than what the people upthread are describing–feel suspiciously like a weaker version of this, in which my brain doesn’t even bother to present me with a fabricated memory of having seen this in a dream a while back, just a vague sense that this dream occurred.

(…not that I would *prefer* it present me with fabricated memories)

Most of my revelations regarding dreams are about realising what part(s) of the *past* they were referencing, or what puns they were making. In at least one case I didn’t notice the pun for *months*; I wonder how many I’m still missing.


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@e-seal lets start that future discourse!  flying cars are unethical as well as hoverboards! fuck the synthetic food pill industry!  holocloning feeds on young people’s insecurities about their appearances! 



wow big surprise you’re focusing on those lofty problems when the failed musk clones left after the explosions are literally biting peoples kneecaps off in downtown new new new jersey as we speak and the cops wont do anything about it since they’re technically jurisdiction of the bezos kingdom




suuure call big picture problems of hypersolarindustrialism and revelocapitalist imperialism “lofty problems”. what do u think fuels the musk clones? the system. what do u think keeps the electroborders of the bezos kingdom blazing? the system. take a step back will u? fuckin futuretankie…



can someone translate this into galactic basic please



god youre dense as Lykmi²…



sorryim not familiar with that compound and icant find it on SPACE Google, what is Lykmi² ?





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paleontologist: can you draw this extinct reptile we just described? 

paleoartist: that’s what i do!

paleontologist: it’s canadian make sure it looks canadian.

paleoartist: say no more



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The official Times Square livestream crashed at 11:59:50, presumably overwhelmed by all the viewers.

The version of Auld Lang Syne Mom picked out was screechy and failed to have a Scottish accent.

That one Scottish guy came through, as he has every year.

I try not to read prophetic symbolism into things, but this reads as “some rough patches (mostly poverty-related), but things will work out okay in the end”. I suppose that’s not so bad.

Happy New Year, everyone!

happy new year

i didnt catch on until now that the central question of auld lang syne was rhetorical. i didnt pay too much attention to it, but tacitly assumed that the song had a similar intent as a section of the opening music of revolutionary girl utena:

Take my revolution. Let’s go on with our lives.
Reality approaches now, frantically.
What I want is to find my place in life and my self-worth,
taking who I’ve been up until today…

…and heroically stripping her down until she’s bare,
like the roses whirling in freedom.
But even if the two of us should be separated,
I will change the world.

that is, if everyone you know leaves you and you have amnesia and forget that they ever existed, you can still exist and do good things in the new year

i think i also kind of bundled this with a generalized category of being lost

lost: erasing {people that know you, memory, ‘sense of self’}

and being able to {find out, work on} what you value regardless

i think this notion was reinforced by

And we’ll tak’ a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

i didnt know that auld lang syne was used to communicate ‘times long past‘ and my mind constructed a ritual in which humans collectively would drink something to induce amnesia and kindness towards each other. kind of how alcohol sometimes works

i want to be able to witness the birth of these hallucinations; my brain is such that high [complexity/(seed evidence)] worlds appear often and i dont have a ~systemic practice to differentiate them from hallucinations entangled with more magic reality fluid


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(someone asked for an example of a dear dentist joke, so here’s my favorite)

My Dear Dentist, I have a problem. Please inspect me, I need your help!

My Client, please open your mouth. Oh, I see, there’s a chip in your tooth.

My Dear Dentist, I have a chip in my tooth! What shall I do?

My Client, if you have a chip in your tooth, then you must apply a hornet!


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buying peaches is so stressful because you have to consume them so quickly…it’s like the moment the cashier types in that number the alpha peach turns to its brothers in the bags and says “alright listen up boys, it’s time to remember your training. i want to see immense bruising by sundown. i want to see you near inedible by sunrise. remember it is better to die a free man than to be eaten.” you gotta wolf down all of your peaches at the check out counter while the trader joe’s employees eagerly look at the Peach Consumption Countdown Clock and cheer you on. these peaches have sensors on them that can tell when they come into contact with human hands so they can begin their self-destruct sequence like you’re in a spy movie and the peach just relayed a message to you about the whereabouts of jimmy hoffa’s decayed remains



Jimmy Hoffa is likely dead



this response carries so much chaotic cursed energy. jimmy hoffa was declared dead in 1982 after disappearing in 1975. he was born in 1913, meaning he would be the miraculous age of 105 today if he wasn’t dead. “likely dead.” the fact that it’s a hetalia blog trying to tell me that he is likely dead. the fact that i specifically mention his decayed corpse in my post so there is literally no reason for someone to alert me that he is “likely” deceased. the fact that this hetalia blog is trying to tell this to me, a person who up until recently literally worked for the international brotherhood of teamsters as a person in charge of handling their historical records. i spent two years of my life answering phone calls from people asking me if i personally knew what happened to jimmy hoffa’s body. ive spent a significantly longer amount of time trying to forget that hetalia exists. my entire career as a hetalia facebook roleplayer at the age of 11 just flashed through my eyes. i legitimately cannot express how much this response has effected me. ive been staring at it for 7 minutes. i feel like ive entered the twilight zone



I don’t ever remember writing that, when did I write that



everything about this is cursed


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Spurious Correlations by Tyler Vigen.

These charts were made to depict that correlation does not always equal causation, showing that although statistics always arise, they aren’t always necessarily useful. 


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In honor of #SharkWeek and #TBT we bring you the RAREST SHARK IN THE WORLD… THE GARDEN SHARK!

often found where dandelions grow or in patches of clover, the garden shark is harmless as long as you are not in the path of said noms. If you find yourself in between a garden shark and a dandelion well best of luck to you and your toes.


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