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You can tell a lot about a person from the music they listen to. Put your music device on shuffle and post the first ten songs that play without skipping, tag ten five people you adore afterwards

1. Jonathan Coulton, “Ikea”

2. Blackthorn, “Granuaile”

3. Billy Joel, “Big Man on Mulberry Street”

4. …“Ikea” again, or if that doesn’t count: Genesis, “The Carpet Crawlers”

5. Black City Lights, “Offering”

6. Phil Collins, “Come With Me”

7. Billy Joel, “New York State of Mind”

8. Phil Collins, “Two Worlds”

9. Culture Club, “Karma Chameleon”

10. Assemblage 23, “Infinite”

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my birthday cake this year. based off of this text post

Ooh, a loophole for never-having-been-born curses!


#pregnancy #birthday #removal day #about once a year #(at irregular intervals) #Mom tells the story of how her doctors pressured her into an unnecessary C-section #and she’s still mad at them for it #but to be fair if they’d waited for me to come out on my own I’d have almost certainly been a Sagittarius #and that would have gone *badly* #The Great Night Vale Fandom Assimilation of 2013 #in which Brin has a food poisoning phobia #(also my birthday would have been firmly within the Christmas season and that would suck too)

ada-adorable asked: Do you listen to night Vale? If so, what do you think of Hiram McDaniels? If not, well, you should listen to night Vale but don’t feel compelled to pass judgment on the character without listening to the show in general. I mean, unless you want to.


Actually, I have NEVER listened to Night Vale, and I likely never will on account of pure audio is one of the HARDEST ways for me to process information. (Seriously, I can read books that’d make your eyes bleed, but have me listen to a podcast and I climb walls.  I don’t know how audiophiles even cope with life.)

So sadly, I know absolutely nothing about this character.  Feel free to give me your quick sketch, if you like; you can’t really spoil me on this front.  If that’s not your cuppa, perhaps one of my friendly readers will add their opinion!

Cecil Speaks! Cecil Speaks is awesome. They even have translations of the occasional Russian and Morse code.

(I do have enough audio-processing ability to listen to Night Vale, but only just, so I know that feeling.)


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the gradual domination of the Welcome to Night Vale fandom, part 1

It’s not so much that the Night Vale fandom makes posts about themselves as people don’t realize the posts they’re making are about Night Vale.


#Welcome to Night Vale #The Great Night Vale Fandom Assimilation of 2013




one of my favorite things about hiking is when i come across a strange structure deep in the woods and am left to wonder how and why and when

how: demons. why: demon portal. when: 5 pm demon time

#the night vale city council would like to remind you that the demon portal on the edge of town is not a licensed healthcare provider #and to please stop leaving the sick and injured within lurching distance of its humming maw (gatheringbones)

Is there a standard picture for “sorry we made this about Night Vale” like there is “sorry we made this about Doctor Who”?


#Welcome to Night Vale #The Great Night Vale Fandom Assimilation of 2013 #of course nobody’s actually sorry let’s be real #but it seems like there should be a Night Vale apology cake to go with the other fandom apology cakes #(also that is quite a lovely demon portal you have there)

The ultimate “Welcome to Night Vale” fandom primer.

{{Title link: http://www.dailydot.com/fandom/welcome-night-vale-podcast-fandom/ }}


“Welcome to Night Vale. A small desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and strange lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep.”

Over the past few weeks, the popularity of surreal podcast Welcome To Night Vale has skyrocketed. Two months ago, it had a small but loyal fanbase who mostly heard about it via word of mouth or through the podcast’s gloriously weird Twitter feed. Now, it’s the most popular podcast on iTunes, above TEDtalks and NPR. And a lot of those new listeners have come from an unexpected source: Tumblr fandom.

Providing twice-monthly news reports from fictional small-town America, it’s not immediately apparent how Night Vale conquered Tumblr. After all, it doesn’t have much in common with the adventure stories of Harry Potter, Teen Wolf, or Doctor Who. It’s not even produced in a visual medium, so fans can’t post the screencaps and GIFs that keep most Tumblr-based fandoms ticking along.

The only possible explanation is: It’s just that good. [READ MORE]


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totally got my surprise party spoiled for me in the mall today. i was just standing there in line in the food court and suddenly started thinking about what i should buy myself for my birthday and then realized i’d accidentally made eye contact with tanya the reverse psychic because i guess she works at subway now. it’s cool that she’s helping plan it though, so i just asked politely about the song she had stuck in her head and made my order. the $5 footlong special today was unmystery meat again. we’re not supposed to know what it is, but we do. we all do.

it’s going to be at lana’s house in the valley, which is cool because she has one of the most lightly cursed pac-man tables in the city, but it’s so annoying to get to. i’m basically useless at forgetting where i’m going and obviously we don’t technically have a valley so you never find the right street to turn onto if you’re actually thinking about it. plus all of her neighbours are sooo pretentious. practically everyone who lives in accidental neighbourhoods is so pretentious. like, get over yourself; nothing else exists, either, probably, so what makes where you live so cool?

whatever, i’m still really excited! mom is finally giving in to my pleas for corrective surgery even though she thinks i “should be pleased with who i am no matter what” or whatever mom stuff she got taught to say in the mom academy (which, by the way, i am still convinced she only did online classes for). i know for a fact my self-esteem will be sooo much better afterwards. all i’m doing is removing that weird chip i was born with that causes static and loud feedback and small fires around most electronics. it’s just embarrassing and not at ALL something “all teenagers go” through, MOM. you wanna know what all teenagers go through? routine surgery to remove unfamiliar and unclaimed tech from their bodies. sometimes it’s like she literally just doesn’t remember being sixteen or having a body. parents, i swear.

PLUS i don’t want to get my hopes up but i’ve heard rumours that it might even fix that thing where my face always glitches in photographs, which would be pretty cool. chris said that his cousin used to only show up in pictures as the half-rotten corpse of whoever he was standing closest to and after a similar procedure he just looks like they’ll look ten or fifteen years in the future, which, obviously, sometimes still a half-rotten corpse, but still on the whole just so much better. how awesome would it be to actually be in the yearbook once before i graduate?

i haven’t mentioned it to my mom because it’s sort of a secret, i guess, but it also means that i’ll finally be eligible to apply for an internship at the radio station. obviously the static thing really messed up my chances there, so i’ve been keeping it under wraps so i didn’t come across as like pathetic or whatever. this is the first time it’s been a real option and i am PUMPED.

cecil stopped me yesterday at the grocery store to interview the cantaloupe i was buying and after they were finished— TOTALLY listened to that melon stories segment while eating the fruit salad i made with it, btw, sooo awkward— i told him about the surgery and he smiled and put a hand firmly on my shoulder and said, “I’ve heard from many that the pain is unique and unrelenting, and the drugs they give you do not allow you to black out… or to forget. This may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity— though, perhaps not— if you are lucky.“ we shared a long laugh about the thought of me being lucky, because even with the fluorescent lights bouncing off my school shirt, obviously i don’t have the warm, colourful glow that radiates softly on the skin of the naturally lucky. he’s a pretty cool guy.

alright, wow, the sun sets in an hour and i was supposed to stare at it for three hours today for stupid summer school homework but i’m not super worried. everyone’s crammed an essay last-minute before and my grades have been pretty good so far. ciao for now.

oh my god


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Wednesday has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict.

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