it’s come to my attention that a lot of people don’t know about bluemaxima’s flashpoint and genuinely think they’ll never be able to play their favorite 00s internet games ever again so i just want to remind everyone that flashpoint is a huge internet flash game preservation project that allows you to play just about any internet flash game/animation despite the death of flash. if they’ve got it in their database (and they probably do) you can play it. go forth and drink in the 00s nostalgia

even if you think there’s no way they’ll have the game u want. they probably do anyway. when i first downloaded flashpoint i thought for sure theres no way they will have the obscure flash game i played for hours as a kid that was only even available on the internet for like 2 months in 2006. but you know what. they had it. seriously, download flashpoint


#101 Uses for Infrastructureless Computers #the more you know #as it happens they do not have my Flash-game white whales‚ the pair of Wild Thornberrys wildlife-rescue games I played as a kid #but there *is* a lot of nostalgic Neopets stuff on there #(…and it seems that the Internet Archive has‚ not technically either of the wildlife-rescue games‚ but a *third* variant upon them) #(I’ll have to try poking that on a VM: it doesn’t look like that one’s been vetted) #games #my childhood

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