The 2 birds per stone factoid is actually a statistical error. Astroid Georg, who fell from the sky and killed 38 billion birds, is an outlier and should never have been counted.

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the asteroid that ended the dinosaurs was technically the highest ratio of killing birds to one stone in earths history

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We don’t just have a skeleton,” said one of the nodosaur researchers involved. “We have a dinosaur as it would have been.”

Known as a nodosaur, this 110 million-year-old, armored plant-eater is the best preserved fossil of its kind ever found.

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This is maybe the coolest thing I’ve ever reblogged.



That motherfucker died giving the side-eye.



eventually we will run out of fossils to find, but damn there are some cool ones


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Jurassic Park except they provide proper enrichment for the animals and they therefor don’t feel the need to hunt slow, small humans.



“We stuffed this pumpkin full of live goats for the T. rex watch him try to get them out with his little fingers.”



“Turns out the raptors are cage breakers, so we’ve gotten them a series of door handles to manipulate. Little guys just love it.”



“The Rexes are incredibly affectionate pack animals, so we were careful to breed multiples. Be sure to come during spring time to watch them go broody over anything even vaguely egg-shaped.”
“We put the Raptors through target training and now if they are bored, hungry, or just want a scratch under the chin they go to spot near the bars and ring a little bell for attention.”
“Imprinting after hatching was so common that we now have keepers under contract to care for the animals well into adulthood to prevent them from pining.”
“The Gallimimus turned out to be just giant Canada Geese, and so fear nothing. Their keeper regularly has to stop them from trying to attack fences, guests, feeding buckets, and the now traumatised pack of Ceratosaurs in the next paddock.”



“We also fired Dr. Henry Wu.”



I have questions for OP either about how big they think a pumpkin is or about how small they think goats are.



Listen if they can manipulate DNA to make dinosaurs alive again they can make a pumpkin grow really really big and put some goats in it


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Its time.




Off to a good start




Hello i have a new favorite movie



The heavy metal guitar solo intro music just petered off into the jurassic park theme sjsnsjejwkms



Oh this man is a himbo. Excellent.



Wait is this man a priest or a pastor 🤔 if he’s a priest then the title is false advertising




I’m speechless



[gun fire]

[raptor screeches]




She’s talking abt how he turned into a dinosaur and ate the guy who was trying to rob her



“I don’t believe you! Dinosaurs never existed, and even if they did, I didn’t turn into one!”







Me: bro they better keep this shit platonic

[Carol and Priest looking at each other, smiling lightly after sharing an embrace, tension building]

Me: 😒

[Carol and Priest share a massive high five]

Me: oh??? 😏😌




He’s literally reading a book called Crime



Velocifather: father stewart, what if i told you i was…different

Father Stewart: you’re not THAT different. they’re are plenty of people like that in the church



Bro i can’t even describe this vietnam war flashback…..there’s 5 guys in jeans and thrifted military jackets in what is clearly someone’s backyard……a bloody helmet on a garden fence is meant to symbolize how many brothers in arms they’ve lost…..they just stuck a blond wig on the old priest to show how young he was back then…….his gf just showed up and stepped on a land mine and died….which is why he joined the priesthood…the editing feels like a fever dream



How can you talk about this movie without showing the fucking dinosaur




I could not be more sincere when I say I need to see this movie more than I need to see any other movie that has ever been made.



I have seen this movie and it is incredible and this post only scratches the surface of the batshit


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Before COVID shut the library down, I was helping a little boy and his mom find books.

“What do you like to read about?” I asked.
This is common request, but can mean different things, “Okay. Do you want a story about dinosaurs, or facts about dinosaurs?”
I took him to the dinosaur section (567.9) of the juvenile nonfiction. He picked out a couple books, and I asked him if there was anything else he was looking for.
“Do you have anything on DNA?”
I had to think about that for a second. “I think so…but I’ll have to look it up.”
The boy beamed, “I want to find out how DNA works, so I can bring them back!”
“We just saw Jurassic Park,” his mom explained with a smile that did not waver when she added, “We didn’t learn anything.”



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Did this computer science book need to have the MOST adorable Sauropods on the cover? Yes. Next question



A hundred percent, yes.


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how good would it be if luna, who believes in the crumple-horned snorckack and nargles, thought that dinosaurs were made up by muggles



Okay, but consider:

Someone (probably Hermione) takes Luna to a muggle museum of natural history, in a last ditch effort to convince her that dinosaurs really did exist. They go through all of it: full and partial skeletons on display, fossil imprints of skin textures, a little video about carbon dating, exhibits on the evolution of all life from tiny one-celled sea creatures, bird-hipped vs. lizard-hipped, living giant isopods and coelacanths, the whole spiel about how the dinosaurs aren’t actually completely gone, since some, like the anchiornis and archaeopteryx, were the predecessors from which today’s birds – including every owl in the Wizarding World – evolved.

Luna takes all this in with her usual calm demeanor until the very end, when her eyes seem to grow even more enormous in her face, but doesn’t say anything. After a full minute of Luna’s silent astonishment, her companion prods her for a response. “Of course!” Luna exclaims, “no wonder I’ve never found them. I’ve been going about things the wrong way!” She launches into a lengthy explanation that the records that she and her father have been using for references were copies of copies of copies of absolutely ancient scripts, so in order to find the creatures as described in them, she needed to be looking for fossils

Luna (with Rolf as her assistant) begins searching through areas of Wizarding Britain, using magical equivalents of the muggle tools she read about at the museum (a variation on Tempus to determine the age of a magical item or creature, Cryptozoam Revelio as a substitute for ground-penetrating radar). She finds the remains of a number of magical creatures from various ages, as well as accidentally uncovering a nest of Knuckers, a relative of the dragon previously thought to be extinct. After this discovery, she and Rolf are given a bit more credence than before, and they gain the support among creature-handlers, especially dragonologists.  Because of this, they get access to more regions of the world, and their team grows. Eventually Luna ends up founding the Wizarding Archaeological Society, the first institution to combine both muggle and wizard research methods at a single institution.

On the 50th anniversary of the Society’s founding, they open a museum of their own (”Everything that was, at the WAS!”), to display the various fossils of magical creatures that they’ve managed to locate over the years. Unveiled at the opening ceremonies was what would become the pride of their collection, a diorama of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks in every stage of development, along with details about their habits, average lifespan, and a map of the full range of their habitat at their peak population in the mid-17th century. Their extinction at during the 20th century was attributed to rising global temperatures, as their most flourishing period coincided with the coldest years of the Little Ice Age, and no specimens from any later than the 1976 Heat Wave had thus far been recovered. The disappearance of the Snorkacks, it was said, had been an early warning sign of the global climate change which had troubled the entire world, wizarding and muggle, for the better part of the last half-century. A cooperative partnership had been reached between the WAS and the Royal Society a scant decade after the WAS’s founding , allowing research witches and wizards to pool their resources with muggle scientists, in time to prevent a catastrophe that the wizarding world would otherwise have been unlikely to survive.

In her speech at that evening’s gala, Luna told the story of how it all happened, to reveal the person who had singlehandledly started this series of events, which resulted in not only a golden age of discovery in the field of cryptozoology, but also an era of peace and cooperation between both worlds, allowing restrictions imposed by the Statute of Secrecy to be loosened for the first time in nearly five hundred years, all in the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake.

Hermione Granger, who had been grumbling in her chair the entire time, rose when acknowledged. Luna Lovegood beamed at her aging friend, the witch who had gone from being her most skeptical critic to her most dedicated – and most challenging – supporter in a mere half-century. 









;_; god yes this is so good.



I can dig it.


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