sometimes people are like “yeah this person was terrible at [art form] here look at the evidence to prove it” and link to something i find completely indistinguishable from highly-celebrated award-winning examples of the same kind of art

i appreciate it. helps me calibrate.


is this about hitler


no. i have no idea what people think of hitler as a painter.


For whatever reason it’s not usually what people judge him by.




I assume this is about Rebecca Black’s FRIDAY which everyone said was horrible, unlike any other pop song of the time that was mass-produced and therefor “good”


that is a very specific assumption to make! it was not what I had in mind, no.


what were you thinking of?


various examples of people being described as terrible poets, most recently Samuel Derrick


#I enjoy the fact that I actually did know exactly what this post is vaguing about #( ) #((it’s not a secret: OP linked it in another branch)) #I did think the poem was bad but #(a) I’m not sure how much of that was priming and #(b) I would not be surprised if there are many highly-regarded poems that are (to me) equally bad #also back in the day I listened to ”Friday” without knowing its reputation because someone asked me what colour it was #and I could not finish it #so there’s that #art #is the blue I see the same as the blue you see #Nazi cw? #this probably deserves some other warning tag but I am not sure what #this post was queued because my to-reblog list is too long and I didn’t want to dump it on you all at once

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