pick two superpowers

  1. Limited perfect recall: remember information pertaining to your special interests completely and permanently after one exposure
  2. Flow state freeze: Time is paused for everyone else when you’re in a flow state or hyperfocus, and so are your physical needs (e.g. thirst)
  3. Effortlessly graceful movement: Never trip or fumble, acquire physical skills easily
  4. Same-language translator: people always understand what you meant and you understand what they meant, as long as you’re speaking a shared language
  5. Ambient DJ: Replace background noise/music with silence or any sounds of your choosing, for yourself and anyone who opts in
  6. Aura of normalcy: when active, nobody thinks your actions are strange or remarkable, regardless of what you’re doing

All good choices, but I’d go with 3 and 6.

I can pretty much do 1 already, because neurodivergence. 2 would be great, but I went with 3 over 2 because tripping and fucking up my ankles is the bane of my existence. 4 is great, but honestly I’d rather not have to talk with people. 5 is also great, but I have ANC headphones for that. 6, though? I don’t really give a damn if people think I’m weird as a concept, but people keep getting on my case about my weirdness, and I want to be left the fuck alone.

I already have 1 and 3, so I’d do 4 and 6 for sure. I don’t want to pause time for other people, and negotiating how they opt in to my ambient noise sounds hard.


#definitely 5 #(there is way too much background noise and *way* too fucking much background music in this world) #torn between 1 and 3 #probably depends on how much I can cheese 1 #(and whether I can turn it off for infohazards) #…although 4 is kind of tempting now that I think about it #it feels weird to pass up a memory enhancement‚ but I think I might actually go with 4 on this one #2 seems not especially helpful for my neurotype #I think there is a reasonable level of unseriousness to take when playing this game #(or‚ conversely‚ perhaps a reasonable level of desperation) #at which it makes sense to pick 6 #but…like‚ it does suck how often people street-harass me about my assistive tech‚ but #I do not want to respond to this by mind-controlling them about it? #memes #that excuse for communication called speech

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