Welcome all!

This blog was inspired by a long, long defunct series of blogs on Livejournal, in which people could describe bits of nostalgia that they couldn’t quite remember the name of. Readers can comment if they remember the thing and reunite bits of lost media with those longing for them. Books, games, tv shows, songs, etc. all are fair game!

A few notes:

  1. The more people follow this blog, the wider net we cast for our questions! The blog is still very new, so not too many people will see questions at first. If you like this idea, please reblog questions or just tell a friend about this project! Those asking questions, I will try to keep tabs on those that are not answered and reblog them on occasion to bump them to the top as we gain more followers.
  2. If you think you have an answer to a question, please don’t forget to @ the asker so they know right away!
  3. The best way to submit a query is actually through the submit button. This is pure laziness on my part because I don’t have to add unnecessary text each time I post one.
  4. All other thoughts please put in the ask box!
  5. I’ll be starting a queue for new asks. Right now it’s set at 1 and 6 pm est and we’ll see how it goes from there.
  6. This is a side blog so if I like your blog and follow you that notification will be coming from @beggars-opera


#PSA #101 Uses for Infrastructureless Computers #amnesia cw #this post was queued because my to-reblog list is too long and I didn’t want to dump it on you all at once

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