Pour one out for all the stories you’ll never find again, that you barely remember in totality, but that left an impression on you that you’ll never forget.

The short stories from standardized tests that you only had a few minutes to read, but those minutes will last a lifetime.

The books on the library display shelf you used to occupy time until your mom could come pick you up from school.

The graphic novel you picked up when you were first getting into comics and could never find again.

The single lines or themes from stories you otherwise don’t remember, save for the one thing that you saw and internalized as a new part of your personality.

Let’s pour one out for the books that built us, even if we never could find them again, and couldn’t of we wanted to.

That one book from the elementary school library that had the three stories, including one with an ogre, one with a young man who survives three nights of being tested in someone’s castle with nothing more than chalk, string, and… something else? And a third story I can’t recall at all, but might be conflating with the other two.


#amnesia cw #101 Uses for Infrastructureless Computers

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