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in much more interesting news, today at work I got to explore an abandoned 500-year-old castle, seized by the state because of the owner’s massive tax evasion

we spent an hour and half going all over the grounds, I’d never felt so #urbex


just want to point out that we found this door at one point





seeing this door makes me feel like i have never truly contemplated the possibilities of doors as a concept, as though a new understanding of what it means to be a door has been forced upon me


So lots of people in the notes want to see more pictures,

I see the virtual tour set up by the state to help with the sale is still available, so have at it :


excellent news, everyone:

first of all, I have confirmed you can find the door in the virtual tour above


but second.

there’s two of them


here is a picture of the new one from the other side:


why would you have two of these, you ask? I don’t know, but the floor plan might give us a hint:


Circled in red is where i found the new one. There’s four different floors with this kind of structure. I have checked every corner and most of them have regular flat doors set diagonally or something boring like that. But. Two angledoors!


(here’s where the one in the OP can be found. notice it’s a different floor, “R+1” rather than “Rdc”)


#oh look an update #love the decor fandom

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