being a humanities major who’s friends with stem majors is so funny because you’ll ask your friends what they’re doing today and they’re like “UGH it’s so stressful i have to stabilize the reactor core for my nuclear power midterm and then i have to build the supercomputer from i have no mouth yet i must scream for my electrical engineering homework :/ what about you” and you’re like “oh well i have to read a fun little book and write an essay about gender.” and they still think you have it worse

Being a stem major who’s friends with humanities majors is ALSO funny bc you ask what’s goin on with them and they’re like “oh yeah my day’s pretty good! I only have to read 50 pages for this one class today and half a book for another one. It’s much better than last week where I read three books and wrote a 10 page paper about their overlapping motifs for one class while also researching a niche period of time that our library doesn’t have any resources on. How’s it been for you?” and you’re like “oh I have a lil packet of fun math puzzles due tomorrow.” and they look at you like you’re carrying the weight of the universe on your back


#everyone is like this when they find out I’m studying accounting #Me: ”I’m training to get a job where I sit in a cozy cubicle and line up numbers neatly :)” #Everyone: ”we’re so glad you’re taking this bullet for society” #Me: ”did you know that‚ thanks to poor wording in rules intended to prevent offshore tax evasion #U.S. tax law effectively forbids investing in most index funds if you’re a non-resident? but there are a few meta-loopholes‚ like–” #(and you know what the weirdest part is? even *other accounting students* do the thing) #(people in my current tax certification course keep trying to commiserate with me about things I did not find unpleasant) #adventures in University Land #is the blue I see the same as the blue you see #(P.S. on one particularly memorable occasion‚ the person grateful I was taking the bullet for society was a *nursing student*)

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