they did it, the lunatics. minecraft in minecraft. there’s something intensely philosophically delightful to me to look at an image of a three-dimensional space and know that it is a double abstraction, data distributed on hardware that is itself only data distributed on hardware.

“Video sped up roughly 2,000,000x”

it’s vanilla minecraft without command blocks, but they are running a server version designed to speed up redstone processessing enormously. even so they said the conversion rate for memory is about 2 gb -> 277 bytes. so not exactly a high-performance system!

here’s a video on the prototype of what they made it on. dear lord

And yes, we will run DOOM on this hardware at some point, but projects such as these take a long time to create! After all, we are only 3 people working on this in our free time. Have patience until then :)


#I don’t speak enough Minecraft to truly‚ deeply *grok* the scale of this achievement #but I can tell it’s a hell of a thing #Minecraft

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