they did it, the lunatics. minecraft in minecraft. there’s something intensely philosophically delightful to me to look at an image of a three-dimensional space and know that it is a double abstraction, data distributed on hardware that is itself only data distributed on hardware.

“Video sped up roughly 2,000,000x”

it’s vanilla minecraft without command blocks, but they are running a server version designed to speed up redstone processessing enormously. even so they said the conversion rate for memory is about 2 gb -> 277 bytes. so not exactly a high-performance system!

here’s a video on the prototype of what they made it on. dear lord

And yes, we will run DOOM on this hardware at some point, but projects such as these take a long time to create! After all, we are only 3 people working on this in our free time. Have patience until then :)


#I don’t speak enough Minecraft to truly‚ deeply *grok* the scale of this achievement #but I can tell it’s a hell of a thing #Minecraft


Took a nap and had a dream that I’d gotten a hyperrealistic tattoo of a Band Aid, just so that I could cover it with a real Band Aid.

When people would ask what happened, I’d say, “It’s kind of weird. Are you sure you wanna’ see?” and then I’d dramatically rip the Band Aid off to reveal my tattoo of a Band Aid.

Classic Astral Plane Me.


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