do kids these days know about little talks by of monsters and men.

#NECESSARY LIFE KNOWLEDGE #shrimp emotions are contained in that song I swear (theearnestonion)


#h/t hatethiscar: I saw theearnestonion’s tags in the notes and I needed them #music #anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #(people in the notes are waxing lyrical (so to speak) about My Head Is an Animal‚ but you know what’s even better?) #(Beneath the Skin) #(absolutely amazing album) #(almost every track is good and most of them are great) #((I was talking about this on Dreamwidth a while back and *nobody* could agree on what ”We Sink” is about‚ but we agree that it’s great)) #((maybe there’s shrimp emotions in there too)) #(((in semi-related news‚ have you noticed that store radios never play Florence and the Machine anymore?))) #(((it’s weird: I really thought they’d make it into the 50-year rotation)))

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