Hey yall, I wanted to make a PSA about this because it’ll be useful to many of you in the United States. You might qualify for public assistance now, specifically because of rising food prices.

The federal poverty line, the biggest determining factor for public assistance, has been kept artificially low for decades because it was based on the outdated assumption that food was the primary expense for most American households. For decades now, shelter has been the larger expense, but the federal poverty limit has still been determined based on the prices of food commodities.

Because food prices have recently gone up, the federal poverty line has gone up significantly as well. This means if you were previously slightly over the income limit to qualify for public assistance such as food stamps or medicaid, you likely qualify now. I’d like to encourage everyone who thinks they might qualify to apply for these programs. The qualification cutoffs are still absurdly low, so please be assured that if you qualify for assistance, you’re not taking something you don’t need or deserve.

Please reblog this if you think your followers will find it useful. I haven’t seen anyone talking about this, it’s just something I noticed recently, so I want the info to become more public to help people who might be struggling.

I’ve found it’s a good practice to, after doing your taxes each year, take a look at that official net income figure and go “does this qualify me for anything?”.

Check your food, your shelter, your utilities, your healthcare. If you take public transit, check that too.

It’s tax season, so it’s about that time again.


#adventures in human capitalism #PSA #reply via reblog #I’m still getting my family’s taxes together and I’m interested to see what figures result #it’s plausible they’ll be low enough for subsidised electricity and bus fare this year #it’s also plausible that they won’t #we’ll have to see #(I don’t have access to my brother’s transaction history so I have only a very rough guess at how much he made) #(I’m going to wait to ask until I have the exact net-income figures for everyone else)

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