When I was asleep, I dreamed about a popular tumblr post that went something like this:

I’m incredibly jealous of fishes
It’s because icebergs are a thing for them


As a human you will never get to witness a gigantic mythical ice creature descending from the heavens
It’s so awesome it can only happen in fiction
But for antarctic fishes, it’s just like
“that’s wednesdays for ya”


They don’t know how good they have it!
If I saw a Leviathan Frost Dragon manifest in the skies I’d pass out from excitement
And yet these fuckers are just jaded to such happenings.

This has been your annual repost from the best of Dreamworld Tumblr, enjoy.

Oh, also the research session on the dream internet turned up the fact that dream icebergs are all shrouded in a miniature storm system with spectacular lightning and snow.
And also that, off the coast of Brazil, some of these iceberg mini-storms have become self-sustaining even though the iceberg has melted, and they bring immense fertility to the seas below, by churning up the nutrients, so a whole bunch of fish follow them around to feed on the plankton bloom. Sadly, they’re hazardous to visit if you’re a fisherman. This is because the storm is so warm and full of nutrients that it snows mold. The legendary mold-storms of Brazil, responsible for their vast fishing exports.


#…Dreamworld Tumblr has a fucking point #icebergs #unsanitary cw? #dreams

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