YOU CAN turn off “based on your likes”; it’s in preferences > dashboard.

I also turned ON “timestamps on everything,” which is awesome


Thanks. That’s where I looked, and failed, to find it yesterday.

I just looked again. It’s there now! They unloaded the update on me before they unloaded the toggle for it. Thanks!

I’m still leaving Tumblr Labs off, though, I think

The toggle wasn’t in my settings when I looked yesterday, either, but it is now, and I’ve switched it off with considerable determination.

Still no toggle for the “Hey Look At This Random Post!” thingie, though.

(FWIW, I’ve had Tumblr Labs switched off the whole time, so I don’t think that’s a factor.)


#The Great Tumblr Apocalypse #Tumblr: a User’s Guide

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