I wonder if Ada Palmer has a fundamentally different reaction to really hot people than I do. Cuz like..I’ve seen really hot people, and like, there’s definitely a wow factor but it caps out pretty low I think. I think that “so hot it’s literally awe-inspiring” is not a reaction im capable of having, which makes all the scenes where the characters marvel at ganymede and sniper and danae feel really weird and cheesy. Maybe I just haven’t met hot enough people?



@typicalacademic said:

I think everyone in TI is in general much more aesthetically sensitive. people can be mind-warpingly beautiful, but also so clever they can make you have a mental breakdown or so impressive you become completely convinced they’re a god. everything is turned up to 11 and no one is inured to anything

i like this way of thinking about it. TI is like, an epic or like a poem or something, or like everyone in the TI universe is this hyper-sentimental poet. you could come up with a watsonian explanation that its basically a side effect of 300 years of utopia, that the extent of human emotion expands to fill the situation, so in a world with like, mass death and poverty and stuff things like “that guy is really hot” get shrunk down but in a genuine utopia everyone’s calibrated to a much smaller variation, so seeing a really hot guy has the same effect as like, winning the lottery

I have had almost the exact thought process described in the first post, except instead of “really hot people” it was “really tasty food”. [link to an example of Ada Palmer waxing lyrical about food]

Maybe Ada Palmer has a very strong capacity for awe?


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